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 PUMAX CHEMICALS (P) LTD.     Manufacturers of Unsaturated Polyester Resins.



We offer a large gamut of high quality resins that has brought us a position of repute in industry. Our products are strictly manufactured from superior grade raw material by utilizing the most trusted technology of present time which makes these competitive products in the market. This gamut encompasses following:







General Purpose Orthopthalic Polyester

Grade - Px Gp 002

Clear to light Yellow

Medium Reactivity

High Impact and Bonding Strengths

Suitable for hand lay-up

Used extensively for general FRP applications

Used for moderate environments and Water Corrosion resistance

2 General Purpose

Grade - Px Gp 005

Yellow Muddy Yellow, Medium reactivity.

  Better water & Heat resistance.

Chemical equipment

FRP Cooler bodies.

3 Roof-Light

Grade - Px RL (UV)

Ultra Violet Stabilized Resin

Translucent Roof-light Sheets

Decorative Laminates


4 Roof-Light

Grade - Px RL


Ortho base Clear resins of low Viscosity Translucent Roof-light Sheets
5 Roof-Light

Grade - Px ECO

Low Viscosity Resins Commercial Grade of Roofing Sheets




Isopthalic Polyester

 Grade - Px ISO


High Acid Resistance.

Higher Mechanical Strength of Laminates

Good electrical properties

FRP Chemical Process Plants

FRP Storage Tanks

FRP Pipes




Grade - Px PTA

High Heat Resistance

High Water Resistance at elevated temperatures.

FRP moulding applications for high heat resistance, water resistance at elevated temperatures.





Fire Retardant

(GP/ ISO /NPG / PTA  Base)


Exhibit Fire Retardant Properties Extinguishes in flame



Petroleum industries.

Used where fire hazard is high / critical

Public Transportation - Railway coaches etc.




(GP/ ISO /NPG / PTA  Base)


Thixotropic Gelcoat Resin


Used for giving a smooth top coat to FRP articles.

Used for imparting surface color, elasticity and gloss.





Grade - Px Bis


Excellent corrosion resistance to acids, mild alkalis, salts, solvents.



Chemical Process Plants

Acid resistance Pipes

Acid Storage Vessels.



Vinyl Ester

 Grade - Px VE


Excellent chemical resistance

Low Shrinkage

Excellent wetting and bonding to glass fibers

Chemical Process Industries


WE SPECALIZE IN CUSTOMIZED BASE RESINS , ( We can give you resin according to your specification & application)

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